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Heat Treat Solutions Team

American Steel Treating has an experienced team to successfully undertake any heat-treat challenge, including duplicating processes, engineering new processes, equipment removal, equipment restoration, and creation of new equipment. The Heat-Treat Solutions Team has been working effectively for our clients and has numerous case studies to illustrate their track record of success. American Steel Treating is focused on our core competence and is positioned to assume take-over processes while saving our customers considerable capital investments.

Additionally, American Steel Treating has the floor space and property to expand to any customer demand with our inventory of equipment. The following are some example case studies of the success of the Heat Treat Solutions Team:

• We have completed multiple take-over jobs when customer furnaces failed or were being reconditioned.

• Our experienced team has managed transitions for customers who did not see heat treating and related services as part of their core competence, using American Steel Treating as the outsource supplier of choice.

Case Studies:

• One significant automotive company decided to outsource its heat-treat needs relative to specific engine parts. The Heat-Treat Solutions Team removed furnaces within eight months and currently does 100% of heat-treating of rocker arms and roller followers for this major company.

• The largest supplier of truck clutch assemblies decided to outsource its heat-treat needs and approved American Steel Treating to assume their clutch plate heat treatment, vibratory finish, and heat flattening processes.

• Another major automaker decided to outsource its transmission gear and shaft heat treatment processes. American Steel Treating purchased a 210,000-square-foot plant and installed quench pits. The Heat-Treat Solutions Team moved multiple continuous pusher furnaces to the new plant and installed all the complimenting processes within six months, while maintaining full production throughout the entire process.

• The biggest off-road equipment supplier is recognized as a leader in the heat-treat industry. They heard about the reputation of American Steel Treating, and called when an emergency off load was necessary. American Steel Treating exceeded expectations when we insisted that we would meet their rigorous internal process standards. American Steel Treating is one of very few companies that have obtained their 1E4000 certification in North America. American Steel Treating continues to process these parts for this market leader.


Having an internal Heat-Treat Solutions Team provides American Steel Treating with a competitive advantage over any other supplier. Our clients depend on us to provide them with fast, dependable reactions to their varied and unique needs and challenges.

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